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Vineyard tractor

The art of Wine making and the use of the Vineyard tractor

Grape has been cultivated since 10,000 years in Asia Minor. Jars, containing grape seeds dating from 8000 years ago, have been discovered in Iran. It perhaps explain a bit the success of grape as it is the the most cultivated fruit in Europe (the second in the world right behind the orange). Grapes are cultivated more than 75,000 km2 in the World which is a great vineyard such as in Ireland. Grapes are eaten with different ways; Dry, fresh as fruit or drinks as wine or juice. Today, every person would consume about 3.5 kg of grapes in the year. Many steps are advisable to do for growing vines and harvesting the grapes. In order to proceed this high level production, lots of farm machinery are needed suc as vineyard tractor. Therefore, many vineyard tractor are sold each year all over the wordl. For example, vineyard tractor is being in the vines cultivation.

Vineyard tractor

Vineyard tractor

The culture of fruits and vegetables needs specific farm machinery.

Famers and producers of fruits and vegetables are dealing with great care with the land and to the green space. In order to do so, fruit culture requires a work in several phases: plowing, refining the land to facilitate a good seed. Such works require good farming equipments.
For fruit trees, producers are particularly attentive to the size of the trees and less about the maintenance of soil. However, for others types of plants such as strawberry, soil preparation work are essential. Each duty must be performed by strong and power full machines. And in order to do so, vineyard tractors are highly recommended.

Varied range of tractors and manufacturers
Manufacturers  designed an important range of tractors for each type of work. And this include include vineyard tractors, whatever the market that you want. Each manufacturers are proposing such equipment and you will find out vineyard tractors from John Deere, Kubota, Caterpillar, New Holland or others.