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Forestry tractor

Forestry Tractor

A forestry tractor is a special kind of machinery that is used for conducting heavy forestry work. It is generally used for the purpose of pulling heavy objects like bulky tree trunks. Such tractors are often fitted with a powerful crane that aids in lifting up those objects. Since the vehicle is meant for performing heavy duty tasks, mishaps could be very dangerous, hence the cabin of such tractors is usually a roll-proof one and strengthened in order to protect the tractors’ occupants.


Some of the additional accessories that could be added to the forestry tractor are extra lights, forestry tyres, narrow mudguards, etc. Most of the tractors usually offer a driver’s seat which can be rotated 180 degrees for complete control. At times the fuel tanks of such tractors are made from steel. If you are looking to purchase forestry tractors then an online platform would be the best way because it is effective as well as time-saving. Online websites tend to have manufacturers from all over the world.

Forestry tractor

Forestry tractor


It is not known who invented the forestry tractor but a company called David Hansen Technologies Iguana in Ilwaco, Washington undertook the task of improving the wheels of such tractors further using simple means and resources. Since the terrain of a forest may not be a pleasant one to drive on, forestry tractors usually have a body which offers low center of gravity and good weight distribution. This way the driver can experience good stability and a nice grip when driving the vehicle.


When it comes to buying a forestry tractor it is recommended that one should go for well reputed brands in order to get maximum performance. Brands from the United Kingdom like Massey Ferguson and UMZ are very popular choices. Apart from these, companies from France like Renault, John Deere, Brimont, Valmet, etc are also worth considering because they manufacture the best forestry tractors in the world.