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Tractor part

Tractor Parts

Tractors are vehicles that produce high torque and power at low speeds, mainly used to move machinery or trailers. This agricultural machinery can usually be found on farms where they are used to pull plows, harvesters, sprinklers or other agricultural tools which are mounted either on the tractor or behind it. They have found their way into other niches such as the construction industry where they are used to move or propel construction equipment. This equipment can simply be connected to the vehicle. It can as well provide a source of power to the equipment, when there are special electronic connections.

There are many iterations of such a simple vehicle, and each of them serves a different purpose. Agricultural tractors have diverged to meet a growing set of needs, from row crop models that have tread width that adjusts to uneven rows, to utility tractors that are used in a variety of farming applications including grading, excavation, landscape maintenance such as plowing and furrowing, due to their low centre of gravity and short turning radius.

Tractors are also used in other industries, for instance to pull heavy freight over long distances, or even airplanes out of their parking stands at airports, tow artillery during military campaigns and even towing space shuttles between hangars and the launch pad.

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Parts for tractors can be either obtained as second-hand or directly through the manufacturers. On this site, you’ll find parts for the body of the vehicle as for example side parts, as well as technique parts like compressed air systems or control devices. Second hand parts that are commonly bought include hitches to allow for a variety of attachments to the special model and weights that stabilize the vehicle and change its center of gravity. Its axles are commonly damaged due to the rough nature of tractor use over uneven terrain, but luckily there are many axles available, either second hand or brand new.

Tractor part

Tractor part


There are hundreds of different tractor manufacturers found in the world, and parts for their machines are many and varied. Some of the most famous brands of tractors include Fiat, Volvo, Ford, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Stoll and John-Deere. Most of these manufacturers are based in Europe, and John-Deere is based in the United States of America.