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Sunflower harvesting equipment

Sunflower harvesting equipment

Sunflower harvesting equipment is agricultural machinery that consists of a header and span. The equipment uses two types of spans, namely, 12 ”pans for 30” rows or 9 ”four row sizes and solid seedlings”. The 12 “pans have openings of 15”, while the 9 ”have 12” openings. The equipment’s header comes in a variety of measurements. For example, the John Deere header measures in either 19’6” or 19’10” for a 20 ft. header. John Deere and other leading manufacturers produce different forms of headers.

The model Combine harvester, patented in 1834 improved the efficiency of sunflower harvesting. It performs three actions simultaneously: reaping stems, threshing and winnowing. The harvester’s header come in three forms, namely, platform, row-crop and corn. Row-crop headers are the best for harvesting sunflower, as they do not require modifications. On the other hand, the platform and corn header s that have high rate of seed including head loss and require modification prior to harvesting, respectively, are not popular among farmers. However, sub categories of the equipment such as the combine header trailed, rape cutter and cutting bar improve harvesting efficiency.

Sunflower harvesting equipment

Sunflower harvesting equipment

How to use sunflower harvesting equipment

You can use sunflower harvesting equipment. To do so, raise the header platform high enough to allow the machine to take the desired head and minimize stalks. The threshing aim is to pass the head intact through the combine, with developed seed removed from the head. The essence is to ensure that the seeds are well trashed. In addition, set the fan to reduced air speed. Subsequently, set the Combine forward speed at between 3 to 5 miles per hour. However, you can increase the speed in case of high moisture content. Setting forward speed reduces chatter losses, and controlling airspeed prevents wind from blowing seed over the chaffer and sieve.


Sunflower harvesting machines are products of global agricultural machinery builders. A part from the fore named, John Deere company, other established industry leaders include Claas Dominator, Deutz Fahr, Matrot Scie- Electrique and Fiatagri. Fiatagri, for example, manufactures known models including the Larvenda 3550 Al that harvests not only sunflower but also other dry cereals.