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Orchard tractor

Usage of Orchad Tractor in the Agriculture business and environment

Fruit trees are generally planted from the very beginning of October to the enf of April. Depending to the category of fruits, bananas,  apple, peaches or any sort, those type of trees and berries need to be planted and grow carefully depending on specific requirements.
The maintenance of fruit trees is very important for a good and fresh product; it should be watered copiously in dry periods, especially the early years. When the young trees begin to grow, it is required not to let all the fruits on the branches. This depletes the tree. The first two or three years, it’s better to leave only a few fruits.

Farmers needs in farm equipment

Agricultural equipment is very important in agriculture. They determine the quality of the product. Indeed, without vineyard tractors, there are no wines. An orchard tractor is necessary  as a farm machinery. This kind of equipement is most often used by farmers in their daily labors.

Orchard tractor

Orchard tractor

Manufacturers of tractors

The most important manufacturers of Orchad tractors are:  Case IH, Deutz Fahr, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Renault..
Case IH is the brand which is selling the highest number of tractors.
Whatever the market that you want, John Deere orchard tractor , Caterpillar orchard tractor or others market , be sure that you will find the model that you need in our website Machinery Zone, who provides you high level of farm equipment and farming equipment.