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Kemper Header

Kemper Header

A Kemper header is an agriculture affiliated machine used for harvesting corn among other crops. It uses rotor blades to cut the stalks of the crops at a high speed. This header machine usually comes with gears that are well engineered to enable the Kemper to rise and lower appropriately according to the contours of the land. The header works with the help of software that helps it to sense the rows and through the rotor blades it cut the crops. These crops are pulled inward by an inbuilt system of rollers and finally blown into the accompanying carrier. Since the machine was launched in 1986, it has undergone massive innovation. Among other innovations, the header has been broadened to enable it to harvest up to twelve rows of maize in one pass. The machine has also gained popularity in the western countries and widely used in agriculture by contractors for harvesting.

Kemper header should be periodically subjected to mechanical checkups to ensure its functions at any given time. Any discovered fault should be corrected at its earliest because mechanical faults severely affect the machine functioning. As a precautionary move, a mechanical check should be administered after every work done.

Kemper Header

Kemper Header

Key Models

These machines are available in different models so as to provide the prospective buyer with different choices. Some of the key models include:

  • The 390 plus is farm equipment that comes with a width of nine meters. This particular Kemper header comes with capabilities to harvest twelve rows of maize within single pass.
  • 8 ROW MAIZE HEADER was launched in 1994 in the United Kingdom. It comes with an increased working speed compared to its predecessor and very efficient in handling when being driven. This product can harvest up to eight rows in a single pass.
  • 430 FIE / M4500 / FR was launched in 2010 and it is available in France. It can harvest up to six rows in a single pass.
  • Kemper 475 was launched in2009 in France. It can harvest up to ten rows in a single pass. The harvester is highly improved and it does not lose its track even when a row is missing. Thanks to the innovative software that compensates for the missing signal.
  • RU 450 XTRA was launched in 2006 in France. It can harvest up to six rows in a single pass



The most important brands for Kemper Headers are: Kemper, Claas, Krone, New Holland, John Deere.