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Combine harvester

The Combine harvester is an agricultural machine used for the harvesting of cereals and seeds on plants such as sunflower and forage.
Patented in 1834, the harvester can realize 3 actions simultaneously as part of the harvest: reaping stems, threshing and winnowing (separating the cereal grains). This innovation has increased the quality of the harvest and made the work easier and faster.
Combine Harvesters are characterized by its power, ranging from 100 to 180 horsepower in 1980 to up to 200 to 580 HP today.

Combine harvester

Combine harvester

Different systemps of harvester's treshers

There are different systems to separate the cereal grain. Combines have removable heads; this allows the harvesters to adapt to the different types of cereals. The standard header which includes a revolving reel that causes the cut crop to fall directly into the auger .

Two types of harvester’s threshers: unconventional the conventional thresher harvester and Harvester threshing machine. The first use with shakers then assist them employ rotors. Draper headers used for wheat are often used as they enable reduce overall costs due to lower power requirements.

Accessories for combine harvester

Various accessories can be attached to the combine harvester to suit different types of cereals. The collector, which has different pickers, is appropriate to the corn crop. Conventionally, inner rollers rotate in opposite directions for the grubbing up of pieces of leaves out of the stem.
There is also a protection device at each point of entry to prevent the corn to fall. Blades cut the weeds or other debris in order not to clutter the roller by brushing stems off.
Two models of pickers exist: the corn picker cuts and picks up only part of the stem, and others which allow picking up the whole plant.

Combine harvester and forage harvester

Combines are equipped with a harvester beak that can be akin to a Forage Harvester. However the two tools do not have the same function and are not used to the same period. The Forage Harvester cuts green plants while the combine harvester works on dry cereals...