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Garden tractor

Garden Tractor

The  word “tractor” is often used to talk about big agricultural farming vehicles that are used on fields to cultivate plants. But when you compare all the countries in the world in which this term is used, you will realize that it describes only a small garden tractor. Essentially, a garden tractor is an automotive engine used in farms for activities such as plowing, harvesting or even pulling trailer. It is also used to carry heavy farm equipment. When used for plowing or harvesting it usually pulls a plowing or harvesting machine as a way of mechanizing these processes. The transition between lawn tractors and compact garden tractors is fluid. Small tractors are often used by municipal authorities, garden and landscaping companies and small farms.But it is even used in horticulture or in viticulture.


Garden tractors are used for a wide range of functions including plowing, harvesting, seed broadcasting, farm spraying and general towing of farm trailers. Apart from the more specialized ones such as the combined harvester and cotton harvester, a lot of farm tractors can perform several activities. This can be achieved by having the tractor pull farm machinery such as the plowing machine, the farm spraying machine and the seed broadcasting machine. Tractors are also evolving with technology and newer, stronger and more efficient versions continue to grace the market.

Garden tractor

Garden tractor


The tractor invention cannot be credited to a single person. Some of the big names however include Charles Hart and Charles Parr, and Dan Albone. Albone is responsible for manufacturing the first commercially available tractor in 1902.


The Engine and Manufacturers

Modern garden tractors have engine power ranging from about 10 to about 50 hp.Unlike most of other automotive engines where speed is essential, speed is secondary to power concerning tractors. The big names in the tractor industry include John Deere from Britain, Massey Ferguson from Ireland and Kubota from Britain. These companies provide a wide range of models depending on the demands of a specific task. For instance, a plowing tractor will not require as much power as a tractor used for pulling a trailer load of farm goods. For instance John Deere offers a range of models; the combine harvester, forage harvester and sugarcane harvester all used for harvesting purposes.