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Farm tractor

Introducing a Farm Tractor and its history

A farm tractor is farming equipment with four wheels and generally used in agricultural, rural and forest work. There are different types of tractors distributed by type of use, size and capacity. In agriculture, farm tractor is used for plowing, combining and much other similar works.

Farm tractors History‘s

The tractor was invented by the Russian Fyodor Blinov in the 19th century.  
The first farm machine was a steam tractor.  It was appeared at the end of the 19th century and the first period of the 20th century.
 The driving of the tractor position can be open or constituted a cabin in which the driver takes place on a single seat in the centre. Modern tractors are more comfortable (cabin suspended, air-conditioned, pneumatic seat).

Farm tractor

Farm tractor

Characteristics of farm tractors

Farms tractors are characterized by a powerful capacity. The modern farming tractor is synonym for performance with a powerful diesel. Generally, the farm  tractor may be classified in three types :
- two-wheel drive tractor,
- tractor 2 wheel drive with auxiliary propulsion by the front wheels
- 4 wheel drive (usually connected with an articulated direction)

The evolution of traditional farm tractors includes the appearance of garden and lawn equipment.
Today, farm tractors ensure the safety of the driver if the tractor tipping. They are used in many places such as garden, highways, fields…

Manufacturers of farm tractors

Today, we find different manufacturers of farm tractors that share the tractor market  such as Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Case IH, New Holland, Claas, JCB, John Deere and more others .

Case IH farm tractors benefit from the latest technologies that allow customers to maintain productivity and efficiency while reducing fuel consumption. John Deere provides a powerful range of farm equipment that give you the performance and all what you need for an optimal farming work. Discover your future farm tractor from a large range of John Deere farm tractors.