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Antique tractor

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Antique tractor

Antique Tractors

Modern agriculture requires modern machinery. Ever since the industrial revolution, the bulk of agricultural tasks have been made easier due to the development of tools and machinery. The staple among these machinery is the tractor. With its large wheels and engine compartment, the it was designed and utilized for its pulling power along rough agricultural terrain.

It is the modern workhorse, replacing traditional draft animals. Its primary purpose is for pulling farm various implements such as the plough, tillers and cultivators, making it useful in a large variety of agricultural tasks.


The first tractors were made and used around 1900. They used the available steam engines of the period to produce their power. But they weren’t commercialized until 1892, when the first diesel/gasoline agricultural machine was invented by John Froehlich.

Tractors made earlier than the 1960s are now considered antique, with some made as early as 1920 still available in the market and considered more valuable. These antique tractors usually have gasoline powered engines and a two-wheel drivetrain.

The Oldtimers that you find on MachineryZone were mostly built in the 60s or 70s. Sometimes, you can however find machinery from the 1950s. Most of our Oldtimers were found in Germany. Some of them were restored, other forgotten during decades in dark barns.

Antique tractor

Antique tractor


A well-known manufacturer of antique tractors was the Ferguson Company from the UK. Their machines survived the last decades and are today known as antique vehicles. It was founded by the successful engineer Harry Ferguson, who was an important figure in modern engineering. His and the company's most successful design was the 1949 Ferguson TE20.

They are now known as Massey-Ferguson Limited after a merger in 1953 with Massey-Harris Limited. Massey-Harris was also another leading manufacturer during the early 20th century, and many antique tractors made in the Massey-Harris can still be found in the market.

Another tractor brand and a much older one was Case Corporation. At the beginning of the 20th century Case was the leading and most popular maker in North America. Some older Case tractors are still around and are very valuable.

Other well-known brands of antique tractors are Landini from Italy, and the Lanz Bulldog from Germany, a design which was copied in other countries. Moreover Fiat, Hanomag, Eicher, Hela, Holder, Fendt, Detz, Porsche, John Deere and Renault also made their own machines.